Logistics of excellence

The internal organization of Mazza Alimentari provides for an efficient management system that involves all the offices and their respective employees. The company is spread over 12,000 square meters of covered area where containers and trucks destined for the various types of customers are loaded.


Each organizational department consists of specialized offices (commercial, customer assistance, administration, logistics, purchasing). All offices are connected via computer network and have specific software for every need.

Quality check

The quality of Mazza Alimentari products is monitored daily through checks in its warehouses and checks in the laboratories.


The company has warehouses covering a total area of ​​12,000 m2, where the products are stored, labeled and prepared for shipment.


The warehouses are managed and organized by a special department which is responsible for planning the handling of goods and deliveries. The fleet of Mazza Alimentari vehicles is made up of lorries and vans, also equipped with a refrigerated cell for excellent preservation of the product.