Mazza Line

Mazza Alimentari’s signature product line. The best of quality at your disposal.

Arborio Rice 1Kg
Blue Coffee Mazza 1Kg
Carnaroli Rice 1Kg
Fettuccine 500gr
Fruit Cocktail 3Kg
Green Pesto Genovese 212ml
Green Pesto Genovese 720ml
Letterine 500gr
Linguine 500gr
Potatoes Gnocchi 500gr
Potatoes Gnocchi With Spinach 500gr
Red Coffee Mazza "First Quality" 1Kg
Red Pesto 212ml
Rigatoni 500gr
Risotto con Porcini 300gr
Risotto with Asparagus 300gr
Risotto with Zucchini Flowers 300gr
Sliced Peaches in light Syrup 3/1
Sliced Pineapple in light Syrup 6xA10
Stelline 500gr