Mazza Herbs Line

Typical appetizers of the Italian tradition such as pickled vegetables and Borettane onions in balsamic vinegar. Ideal alone or as an accompaniment to various dishes.

Appetizer Campagnolo in oil
Baked Black Olives pot 0.314lt
Basil Mazza freeze-dried 40gr
Big Green Cerignola Olives 3.1lt
Big Green Cerignola Olives 720gr
Black Giant pickled Greek Olives secchio N.W. 8.5Kg
Black Olives tin 3-A/9
Black Olives tin 5/1
Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Marasca" 0.25lt
Capers Berries in Vinegar pot 1700ml
Capers Berries in Vinegar pot 720ml
Capers in Salt 1Kg
Capers in Vinegar Cal. 11 in pot 0.314lt
Capers In Vinegar in pot 1.7Kg
Capers in Vinegar pot 0.720lt
Fillets of Peppers in Sunflower Oil "Alla casalinga" 3.1Kg
Garlic Mazza freeze-dried 120gr
Giardiniera in Vinegar 5Kg
Green Asparagus in Water 430gr
Green Olives tin 3-A/9
Green Pepper Mazza freeze-dried 100gr
Grilled Aubergines in Sunflower Oil 2Kg
Grilled Courgettes in Sunflower Oil 2Kg
Grilled Peppers in Sunflower Oil 2Kg
Grute Chives Mazza freeze-dried 30gr
Lilliput Capers
Marjoram Mazza freeze-dried 40gr
Mixed Hors D'oeuvre in Sunflower Oil 3.1Kg
Natural Pitted Black Olives in pot 0.314lt
Onions Borettane in Balsamic Vinegar 3Kg
Onions Borettane in Balsamic Vinegar 800gr
Onions Borettane with "Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P." 400gr
Oregano Mazza freeze-dried 40gr
Parsley Mazza freeze-dried 25gr
Pitted Black Olives 397gr
Pitted Black Olives pot 800gr
Pitted Black Olives tin 3-A/9
Pitted Black Olives tin 5/1
Pitted Green Olives 397gr
Pitted Green Olives Grilled in Sunflower Oil 400gr
Pitted Green Olives pot 800gr
Pitted Green Olives tin 3-A/9
Pitted Green Olives tin 5/1
Red and Yellow Fillets in Vinegar 5Kg
Rosemary Mazza freeze-dried 120gr
Shallot Mazza freeze-dried 65gr
Sliced Black Olives pot 800gr
Sliced Black Olives tin 3-A/9