Black Chef Line

The Chef line includes all those products that are characterized by a quality standard of excellence and at the same time offer a quick solution for chefs all over the world. These products are designed to satisfy the most demanding users in terms of quality and speed of use.

Artichokes Cream 400gr
Artichokes Cream jar 520gr
Artichokes Quarters in Oil vs Gourmet 314ml
Balsamic Vinegar "Round" 0.5lt
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 4 Stars 0.25lt
Capers Berries in Vinegar Vs Gourmet 314ml
Cetriolini in Olio vs gourmet 0.314lt
Crema ai Quattro Formaggi 400gr
Crema di Radicchio Rosso 400gr
Elicoidali 500gr
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Basil "Marasca" 0.25lt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Oregano "Marasca" 0.25lt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Rosemary "Marasca" 0.25lt
Farfalle 500gr
Fusilli 500gr
Green Olives "Bella di Cerignola" vs Gourmet 314ml
Little Onions in Vinegar vs Gourmet 314ml
Mixed Mushrooms vs Gourmet 314ml
Nuts Cream jar 520gr
Onions Borettane in Balsamic Vinegar vs Gourmet 314ml
Pasta Mazza Chef - Elicoidali 500gr
Pasta Mazza Chef - Farfalle 500gr
Pasta Mazza Chef - Fettuccine 500gr
Pasta Mazza Chef - Lasagne 500gr
Pasta Mazza Chef - Linguine 500gr
Pasta Mazza Chef - Penne 500gr
Pasta Mazza Chef - Spaghetti 500gr
Penne 500gr
Pholiota (Chiodini Nameko) Flavoured vs Gourmet 314ml
Pistachio Cream jar 520gr
Porcini Cream jar 520gr
Prawn Cream jar 520gr
Pumpkin Cream 400gr
Radicchio Cream jar 520gr
Red Wine Vinegar 0.25lt
Red Wine Vinegar 1lt
Sliced Red Hot Chili Peppers in Sunflower Oil vs gourmet 0.314lt
Spaghetti Nr.3 500gr
Spaghetti Nr.5 500gr
Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil vs Gourmet 314ml
Truffle Sauce 500g
Truffle Zest 50gr
Truffled and Porcini Mushrooms Sauce 500gr
White Balsamic Vinegar "Marasca" 0.25lt
White Balsamic Vinegar condiment squeeze 0.4lt
White Balsamic Vinegar spray 0.25lt
White Truffled and Mushrooms Sauce 500g
White Wine Vinegar 1lt