Artichokes Line

The artichoke is a good and healthy product that cannot be missing from the table. A seasonal product that adapts to various uses in the kitchen, both as a main dish and as an accompaniment to various dishes.

Artichoke Leaves in Oil “Mazza” 3.1Kg
Artichoke Quarters in water "Mazza" 2.5Kg
Artichokes Hearts 30/40 in Water 2.65lt
Artichokes Hearts with stems "Alla Romana" 2.65lt
Carciofi alla Romana con Gambo 1Kg
Flavoured Artichokes "Alla Giudea" 3.1Kg
Flavoured Sliced Artichokes in bag 1.7Kg
Half Artichokes "Alla Rinfusa" in Oil
Half Artichokes in Oil kg 3.1
Half grilled Artichokes with stems 3Kg
Quartered Artichokes Grilled in Sunflower Oil 400gr
Quartered Artichokes in water 400gr
Quarters Artichokes in Sunflower Oil 1.7Kg
Quarters Artichokes in Sunflower Oil 1.7Kg
Rustic Whole Artichokes in Oil 3.1Kg
Sliced Artichokes in Sunflower Oil in bag 1.7Kg
Sliced Artichokes in Water 3Kg
Whole Artichokes in Sunflower Oil 1.7Kg
Whole Artichokes in Water 390gr