The Italian Tradition at Home

Mazza Alimentari was founded in 1946 and since then the company has grown to serve its customers in Italy and around the world. The production plants are located in different areas of central and southern Italy, from here the products are selected according to the best standards of authenticity and quality and then grouped under the Mazza brand which deals with their distribution and sale in Italy and in many European and non-European countries.

Mazza Pomodoro

The tomato comes only from Italian raw material which is then processed in plants located in the country itself.

Mazza Chef

The Mazza Chef brand includes the specialties that the company has developed for those who need the best ingredients for the preparation of the best traditional Italian dishes.

Fine italian food

The three fundamental points that represent the foundations of the Mazza brand are: Tradition, Quality and Service. As regards the history and the products, Mazza Alimentari is a family company founded by Mr. Mazza Giovanni sixty-five years ago. During the first years of the company’s life it worked mainly in Italy, now it develops 65% of its turnover abroad. Mazza has a complete line of products for the HORECA market and for the Retail market.

The company operates by purchasing raw materials directly and entrusting their production to specialized plants which, under its supervision, transform and package the product. Subsequently the products are collected under the Mazza and Chiara brands. The direct selection of raw materials, highly qualified personnel and efficiency in logistics services guarantee competitive prices, high quality of the final product and excellent cooperation with partners.
Mazza is very open to the needs of the market and its interlocutors, in fact the range of products is always in continuous expansion, to date there are more than two hundred and sixty types of product (an average of thirteen new products every year).

The company directly handles sales in many European and non-European countries: Central America, Central and Northern Africa, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Qatar, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, United Kingdom United Kingdom, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, Belarus and many others.
The next company objectives are: to spread the taste of the Italian tradition all over the world, to continue to expand the range of products, to maintain solid relationships with its partners and to establish new cooperation projects. Obviously, everything will be done maintaining the highest levels of quality and the best service.

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